Cargo Handling

Cargo Handling - Safely managing heavy loads on stairways

Powered cargo handling of heavy loads up and down stairs. The AATGB range of powered stairclimbers is designed to protect management, staff and profits.

Powered cargo stairclimbers by AATGB assist management in respect of minimizing potential for musculoskeletal injuries to members of staff as required by Health and Safety regulations. Our range of powered stairclimbers of which include CargoMaster, CargoMaster Vario, BeerMaster Stairclimber, CopierMaster Stairclimber, FridgeMaster Stairclimber, CargoMaster A310, Cargomaster C400, CargoMaster Stacker, Multifunctional Vario-Max, have in some cases been developed with the assistance of industry experts in each specific sector to enable optimum staff safety and maximum profit.



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